About Escient Studios

Escient Studios, located in the Los Angeles area, is an independent production company and studio dedicated to producing feature films. Escient Studios currently has several feature films in development in the horror, thriller, sci-fi, action, and drama genres, including Living Hell, which is inspired by the award-winning and critically-acclaimed short film The Last Tenant.


Escient Studios offers production and post-production services to clients through it's Escient Digital division. These services include developing, producing, and shooting content, editing, visual effects, color correction and grading, sound design, and mastering. Escient Studios is also available for consultation.



REGARDING SUBMISSIONS: Escient Studios does not accept or consider any unsolicited material, ideas, or suggestions of any kind. Unsolicited materials will not be considered by Escient Studios or any of its employees, and any unsolicited materials that are received by Escient Studios will be promptly deleted or destroyed.